The costoletta alla milanese derives its name from the kind of meat used to prepare it, that is veal chop. This needs to be about 3 cm thick. It’s a very simple recipe and yet very typical. Please note that in many recipes the meat is fried in butter. That’s something I almost never do, so I replaced it with olive oil. A tomato salad with a good olive oil, salt and oregano will make an excellent side dish for this recipe.




4 veal chops

2 eggs

200 gr. breadcrumbs

200 gr. approx. of olive oil



Trim away the fat from the meat. Beat the eggs into a saucer and grate the stale bread. Dip each chop in beaten eggs and then press each side into breadcrumbs. Heat the oil in a pan over moderate heat and cook the chops until they turn medium golden brown and turn to finish the other side. Your Milanese dish is ready!