This simple but very tasteful appetizer is very common on our tables. It’s a good way to recycle some old bread, too. We dress it with many different ingredients, according to season and taste. Let your imagination inspire you and make your own bruschetta version!

In my family, when we take home the very first gold oil from the oil mill in late November, we traditionally gather all family and friends, light the fireplace and make bruschetta to sample the new product and savor all its rich freshness!




4 slices of thick-crust bread

8 cherry tomatoes

4 tbsp Extra-virgin olive oil



Fresh basil/arugula



Toast the bread (it needs to look a little charred) on both sides.

In the meantime chop the cherry tomatoes and put them in a bowl with salt, oregano and extra-virgin olive oil, stir. Put the tomatoes on the bread and top with fresh basil or arugula.


You can rub the toasted bread with garlic, for a real intense Italian flavor!

You can dress your bruschetta with about all kinds of ingredients. Try it with just salt and a good olive oil, it will surprise you!